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Awesome Bomb Fight Radio

A special edition of Awesome Bomb Fight Radio is coming at you live on Saturday, June 18 to discuss the upcoming internet PPV DMT vs LCW Ignition!

The beautiful and dangerous Bloodthirsty Vixen AMANDA will be leading some of the Legion Championship Wrestling contingent onto the show to tell us about the PPV and the sickening, violent matches that are schedules to take place at the Casa Del Mexicanos in East LA on Sunday, June 26 LIVE on Gofightlive.com

(347) 945-5485

11 PM Eastern
10 PM Central
8 PM Pacific


Find Amanda on facebook and twitter

And Here is the Official Site for Death Match Tournament

Click The Banner To Watch The Show!

Death Match Tournament - Ignition
East Coast vs West Coast
Death Match Tournament vs Legion Championship Wrestling!

LIVE! Sunday, June 26, 2011.
Casa Del Mexico in Los Angeles CA
Bell time is 5 PM PDT. Featuring:

Balls Mahoney vs Necro Butcher
*Flaming Tables Match*

Supreme vs Mad Man Pondo
*Lighttubes & Barbwire Bats*

Carnage vs Youth Suicide
*4-Corner barbwire board w/ 10,000 Thumbtacks Match*

Corporal Robinson vs B.C. Killer
*Tai Pai Psycopathic Death Match*

Famous B vs Pinkie Sanchez vs Shiima Xion vs Lil Cholo
*Extreme TLC Match*

Amanda vs Mickie Knuckles
*Rat Traps & Thumbtack Bats LA Street Fight*

Josh Daniels vs Scorpio Sky *Pinfall by Submission ONLY!*

Check Out Puddin Warz!

Lucious Lori vs CJ in a no holds barred pudding wrestling smackdown!

Puddin Warz is taking the midwest live events scene by storm and will no doubt make great inroads to other parts of the country very soon. This is a one of a kind live event. It is VERY different from other sorts of Pudding, Jello, Oil type wrestling events and the competition is 100 % real!

Check out Puddin Warz on Facebook Here

or the official site of Puddin Warz Alien Baby Media

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Animal Passions

Endgame: The Blueprint For Global Enslavement


Gorilla Monsoon vs Muhammad Ali

Politically Incorrect- The Howard Stern Wack Pack Version!

ZOO- The story of Mr Hands... the man that gets buttfucked to death by a horse! Hilarious!
In this movie they don't show you the actual video of the buttfuckin for some ridiculous reason but maybe before you watch the documentary above you should watch the video of the death fuck at 2 Guys 1 Horse

I Want Craig's Baby?

Awesome Bomb will be taking the leap into reality show turmoil!
A crew of 'beautiful' young ladies will vie for the chance to have our hero's sperm fertilize their eggs!
Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels have nothing on this disaster!
Keep checking back here for the world premier!

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